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Ethan Weaver is a Los Angeles Deputy City Attorney who has spent his career fighting for the most vulnerable in our community. Now, Ethan is running for City Council to put the needs of our neighborhoods in the 4th District first.


After years of City Hall corruption, dysfunction and neglect — communities like Encino, Sherman Oaks, Van Nuys, Studio City, Reseda, Los Feliz, Silverlake, the Hollywood Hills, and beyond, have suffered.


As a Deputy City Attorney, Ethan Weaver sees the impact of this dysfunction every day: The homelessness crisis has gotten worse. Housing prices have skyrocketed and become unsustainable for working and middle-class families. Wages haven’t kept up with the cost of living, and small businesses are still struggling to recover from the pandemic. Gun violence and crime continue to increase, but our own City Councilmember refuses to take meaningful action to improve public safety.


It’s time for new leadership on the LA City Council. Ethan Weaver’s record of results as a Deputy City Attorney makes clear that he’s ready to fight for us.


As our City Councilmember, Ethan will work to reform how the city approaches homelessness – cleaning up our streets and putting an end to allowing people to live in encampments when shelter is available. He will increase funding for firefighters and paramedics and fully fund law enforcement to reduce 911 emergency response times and improve neighborhood safety. He’ll work to crack down on illegal guns and enact tougher gun safety laws to get weapons of war off our streets. He’ll fight to eliminate red tape so we can build more housing, support small businesses, and create good-paying jobs for working families.


Growing up in a strict religious home with parents who held anti-LGBTQ+ beliefs, Ethan struggled to come out as gay when he was young. It wasn’t until Ethan attended college in Los Angeles that he was able to overcome the constraints and intolerance of his upbringing by finding acceptance and living openly as a gay man.


After graduating from UCLA Law, Ethan dedicated his career to serving the people of Los Angeles. He became a Los Angeles Deputy City Attorney, where he fights for victims in cases including domestic violence, consumer protection, and DUIs. Bringing a pragmatic, level-headed approach to the job for nearly a decade, Ethan has worked with neighbors, businesses, community groups, and City agencies to tackle problems like homeless encampments, street assaults, illegal dumping, graffiti as well as dangerous and life-threatening drugs like fentanyl.


In the City Attorney’s Office, Ethan has helped spearhead Project LEAD, a groundbreaking program that diverts homeless substance abusers from the criminal justice system into drug treatment and mental health programs, job training and placement programs, as well as housing programs to help get these individuals off the streets so they can rebuild their lives.


Ethan lives in the Fourth District with his fiancé Michael.

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