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Los Angeles spends $1.3 billion a year to address homelessness, and the crisis has only gotten worse under Councilmember Nithya Raman’s leadership. She was one of only three City Councilmembers who voted to allow homeless encampments, which often have dangerous drugs like fentanyl present, within 500 feet of schools and daycares. 


Ethan Weaver will work to reform how the city approaches homelessness – cleaning up our streets and putting an end to allowing people to live in encampments when shelter is available. He will work with Mayor Bass and first responders to accelerate the use of Care Courts to get mentally ill unhoused people off the streets and into the treatment and support services they need.

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Los Angeles suffers from a shortage of firefighters and paramedics. Despite being the second largest city in America, we have fewer firefighters and paramedics than places like Chicago and Houston. Ethan Weaver will increase funding for firefighters and paramedics to reduce 911 emergency response time, modernize and upgrade the LAFD, and improve neighborhood safety for local communities.


Los Angeles is one of the most under-policed big cities in the country, even while crime has skyrocketed. Still, Councilmember Nithya Raman voted against Mayor Bass’s plan to fully fund LAPD and wants to slash funding for law enforcement, which will only make things worse. 


Ethan Weaver is committed to rebuilding community trust with LAPD and reducing crime by fully funding the LAPD, and hiring more police officers. In his time as Deputy City Attorney, Ethan Weaver has spearheaded several efforts to improve the quality-of-life in our community, including, cracking down on smash and grabs, fentanyl dealing and consumer fraud, prosecuting domestic abusers and drunk drivers, and helping move homeless people off the streets.


Los Angeles has a growing gun violence problem. Ethan Weaver will work to crack down on illegal guns and enact tougher gun safety laws to protect our children in schools and our local neighborhoods. He will fight to restrict gun and ammunition sales by schools and youth centers, increase funding for gun buybacks, work with police to get weapons of war off our streets, and collaborate with state leaders to eliminate ghost guns.


Our housing crisis in Los Angeles is out of control — but City Hall’s red tape and government roadblocks have stopped us from building new homes. Soaring costs have put homeownership out of reach for working families, and too many Angelenos struggle to pay rent each month. Ethan Weaver and his fiancé live in a studio apartment, and he understands what renters are going through in this city. On the City Council, Ethan will fight to build more housing and use innovative solutions like repurposing unused commercial space to solve our housing crisis.


On the City Council, Ethan will support small businesses and invest in housing, transportation and infrastructure to create good-paying union jobs that provide working families with a pathway to the middle class. Ethan is a longtime union member and will fight to ensure every hardworking Angeleno is paid a living wage and treated with dignity and respect. That’s why Ethan is endorsed by frontline nurses, construction workers, and transportation workers across Los Angeles.


City Hall is strangling the small business community with an expensive, unnavigable

system that makes it extremely difficult to open a new business and create good-paying local jobs. Ethan Weaver will stick up for small business owners by investing in entrepreneurship and removing government red tape hurting our economy.


As a Deputy City Attorney, Ethan has worked to support small business owners combatting smash and grabs and retail theft. On the City Council, he will restore public safety funding, increase law enforcement staffing and work with local police to ensure our small businesses are protected from crime.

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